Michael Marston
Visual Artist

Michael's commitment to capturing an image, such as working with the Queensland Emergency Services, dangling off the sides of cliffs, trekking through dense forests, hanging out of helicopters, climbing 100ft towers or getting up close and personal with a live fire situation, enables Michael to capture some truly amazing impressions in time.

As a result Michael is today a highly regarded Corporate, Media, Events, Sports and People photographer. Michael continues to work for a number of organisations, Queensland Government, Brisbane Boys' College, St Margaret's Anglican Girls School, Kallman Worldwide, ENERGEX, University of Queensland, Southern Skies Events and Sporting Images.

An enthusiastic lover of sport and a keen cyclist, Michael excelled as a young sportsperson and being dedicated as he is, has maintained this philosophy of remaining competitive, always giving his best and staying focused on achieving results.

In Michael's own words...

"For me the pleasure of sharing a view of our world, capturing the human spirit, emotions and expressions of our inner being, taking the risks needed and applying strategies to achieve the goals, gives me great satisfaction to provide images to my clients and a personal fulfillment in the knowledge that these moments for many, are a source of inspiration sentiment and enjoyment.

With these thoughts and feelings in mind, I trust many people will gain years of delight through their images, that they may remain a centrepiece of future conversation with peers, family and friends as much as they have with mine".

Michael Marston